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Kha Yae Pin St, Da Nyin Gone Ward, Insein
635563, 635617,

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Course Layout

A tough tee shot for an opening hole with water hazard and OB on the left and heavy tree-lined rough on the right.

Tee shots successfully making the fairway provide an easy approach and possible birdie chance.

A short par 4 dogleg left; this hole looks to play simple but a blind second shot onto a small green makes it a tricky challenge.


This hole is basically a three shot hole, as only the longest hitters can reach this green in two.

The strategic player has a good chance to make birdie.

This hole invites an attack on the pin, but any tee shot that misses the green will make it tough to par.

A relatively straight forward hole, but with water hazard on the left, players will have to avoid hooking tee shots.

The green is flat but well guarded by bunkers. A good hole for birdie.

A blind tee shot with water hazard on the left and right.
Long hitters must make a decision to use the driver, which will leave them with a medium iron for their second shot, or tee off with iron and play as a three shot hole.

A blind second shot awaits those whose tee shots don't carry the 270 yards over the ridge, after which is a short iron to the green.


A long iron onto a small green makes par a good score here.

The green is on top of a hill and coming up short on the tee shot could result in bogey.

A straightforward hole with a flat green, where an accurate iron shot will reward players with birdie.

The fairway looks wide from the tee box, but a tall pine tree on the left 60 yards short of the green makes the hole very challenging with a tough green for birdie.

A two-tiered, long and narrow green gives the advantage to an accurate irons player.

The green is tricky and fast on downhill putts.

A long par 5 that only the longest hitters can reach in two; many players will have a chance for birdie if they approach the hole strategically as a three shot hole.

Missing the fairway here will penalize golfers.

From the fairway, the approach shot onto a flat green provides an easy opportunity for birdie.

The tee shot must be placed on the left side of the fairway enabling an attack on the pin with a short iron.
A large mango tree 50 yards short of the green on the right side of the fairway will penalize sliced tee shots.

A well-guarded green with bunkers gives the accurate iron player an advantage here.

A good birdie chance for players reaching the green from the tee.

The fairway slopes left to right and a pond just short of the green makes a short iron second shot nerve-wracking.

Any errant tee shot left is penalized by heavy and rough trees.

The hole gives long hitters an added advantage because of a large pond on the left.
Shorter hitters can play safe to the right with their second shots while longer hitters do not have to worry about the pond and can hit a long iron onto the green.

A great hole for the finish, the 18th doglegs left with OB also on the left, forcing players to hit tee shots right to left to put them within short iron range of a fairly large but undulating green.
The right rough is tree lined and penalizes a sliced tee shot.

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